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The Ateneu Candela is a social center of Terrassa (Barcelona), an island of freedom in the metropolis, and a tool to demand a better world that we are beggining to build together. All the the initiatives housed in the center are driven by a collective passion which insists that another world is possible, and that it is possible to live differently in a more responsible and just way.  The center is a resource and a public place for migrants and the precarious to challenge borders and the precariousness of life as we struggle to secure new social rights, basic income, freedom of movement and free culture.
The Ateneu Candela draws inspiration from the legacy of "Ateneus" that shapes the urban landscape in the first half of the twentieth century in Barcelona. The tremendous vitality of the proletariat of the global era is partly explained by the existence of critical areas of their own movements, from which s'interpel. Lava constantly in power. Almost a century later, our commitment, bringing it to postmodern societies, in societies where the logic of capital inundates the whole of social life. To reverse this trend, on our part, our contribution is the Ateneu Candela.

Impossible is nothing! You'll never walk alone!


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Ateneu Candela is a Social Center located in Terrassa (Metropolitan Barcelona Area). After 11 years walking together we have built an open space for citzens to produce social projects around Social Rights, Free Culture and Free Software, Housing, Democracy, Against Borders, Urban Ecology and Rights to the City. We started in a little place after a long period squatting because we needed more stability than occupation-evction process where we had been anchored.
The Social Center is rented, and we have opened some lines to get founding trhough several projects negociated with local goverment, Catalan government or Europena Union. We belive that we can access also to the public funding to develop our projects.
At the same time, during the last 3 years we have opened an internal discussion, to promote de self employee in a crisis scenario and promote the political action wen we are working. We belive that if we want to have consistent projects for the political action, we need to consolidate our economic survival and sustainability. On thi way we have three main projects: A cooperative of free software development, a bookstore and self education process, and a restaurant-cafe as a social space.
Nowadays in Ateneu Candela lives around 15 projects: PSR (Internet Radio), (open and free wireless comunication project), Som Energia (To get energy from sustaintable sources), Cooperativa (For sutaintable and responsible consumption), Plantem-nos (Urban Occuped Orchard), Lenguage lessons (Catalan, Spanish and English) to promote the social empowerment, Plataforma d'afectats per la Hipoteca (Housing rights and stop eviction)
We don't work alone, we participate in som spanish networks as Fundación de los Comunes (Commons Fundation) a place to share,connect and cooperate with similar experiences which we have been working togehter during a lot of years.
Finally we have been involved during the last year in 15M movement. At the beggining we participated in the first demonstration, and in the initial camp in Terrassa. Also we have work with some diferent groups as Real Democracy Barcelona, or some diferent comissions as education or democracy. At the present time in the crisis scenario we belive that we have an important opportunity to belive that we can change the politics in our country, after the born of 15M, and we are working on this direction.
Yes we can, do the #globalrevolution