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[música en directe] Chakseng Lam & Xavi castillo Trio

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Seguim amb els concerts a la cafeteria del centre social "El Cafè del Candela". Un espai on la música en directe és la protagonista! Com passa als bars i als cafès de les ciutats més cosmopolites, que quan entres a prendre una cerveseta o a sopar; la música és quelcom imprescindible!

Després de l'espectacular concert de jazz de "Oriol Vallès Trio" seguim amb una proposta del Xavi Castillo, el contrabaixista del trio: Chakseng Lam & Xavi castillo Trio

Chakseng Lam: saxo alt

Xavi Castillo: contrabaix

Andre Pitarch: bateria

"Chak Seng Lam, 1995 was born in Macau, start learning piano at 5, start learning saxophone at 9. In 2009, he entering to the Macao Conservatory ,School of Music when he was 14,study on third grade, major on Classical Saxophone。In the four years of study, Lam is always maintaining a positive study attitude and continually seek his hearts are longing for Music - Jazz. Lam later on joined to the Macau Jazz Association for the promotion of jazz and local musicians common delving into jazz. In 2013, he Graduated from the Music school, not as usual, Lam was no admission to universities, he chooses to hone their skills in Singapore, study with Greg Lyons, through a year of learning and he through in the Netherlands in the number of applicants have been recruited by the conservatory, he eventually chooses to study at The Hague, the Netherlands, the Royal Conservatory, study with John Ruocco, now at Sophomore."